Monday, January 29, 2007

Professor Tantillo was wrong

I was reading chapter 4 of Pan's Travail and realized that something that Professor Tantillo said in lecture today was wrong. He said that Pythagoras was a vegetarian and ate a lot of beans. However, according to the book, that is incorrect; the Pythagoreans "forbade killing animals or plants, as well as eating food 'that had had life'...they banned eating beans and many other plant foods along with meat" (55). So, Professor, Pythagoras may not have had excessive flatulence after all because he did not eat beans.

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Jim Tantillo said...

ahh, but it is a little more complicated than that! see for example "The Long History of the Mysterious Fava Bean." There are scholars who argue Pythagoras was against fava beans specifically because they were used in voting and games of chance.

Thereby leaving Pythagoras and other vegetarian Pythagoreans free to eat other, non-fava, flatulence inducing beans as often as they liked.

Simply a great topic for a term paper! "It's never too early ..."