Monday, February 26, 2007

Assignment # 2 on Krech

Hi everyone,
On Friday we handed out the second assignment on Krech's Ecological Indian. Here is the assignment in case you missed class Friday. thanks everyone,

Writing assignment 2 for Nat. Res. 232: Critical Response
Due Wednesday February 28, 2007; please submit 2 hard copies
Please type your response, 1-2 pp.

Discuss and evaluate the following claim Shepard Krech makes in The Ecological Indian (p. 27):
The Noble Indian/Ecological Indian distorts culture. It masks cultural diversity. It occludes its actual connection to the behavior it purports to explain. Moreover, because it has entered the realm of common sense and as received wisdom is perceived as a fundamental truth, it serves to deflect any desire to fathom or confront the evidence for relationships between Indians and the environment.
What is the Ecological Indian? Why does Krech say it “masks cultural diversity”? And what does he mean when he says that as “received wisdom” it is perceived as a “fundamental truth”? In your response, refer to the book, and please provide specific page references wherever possible.

Reminder: Please treat your response as an essay. That means you should organize your response in terms of introduction, body, and conclusion. State your “thesis”—and give reasons and evidence for your views and for the positions you take.

You may wish to consult a writing guide or online sources for help on writing a critical response (e.g., ).

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