Friday, March 2, 2007

Asher B. Durand's Kindred Spirits

Today in class I mentioned Asher B. Durand's painting, Kindred Spirits, which has recently been purchased by the Walton Family Foundation from the New York Public Library. (I misspoke when I guessed the seller was either the Met or the New York Historical Society.)

The painting is currently on loan from the Walton Family to the National Gallery in Washington DC, after which it will be displayed at the Brooklyn Museum from April to August.

To read about the 2005 controversy surrounding the painting's sale, check out the following article, "Kindred Spirits: Art and Money," by Jonathan Mandell.

The National Gallery link above has a high resolution version of the painting that allows you to study the painting closely.


Stephen Zelno said...

This painting is also Plate 4 in Novak's Nature and Culture. The Plate says: Bentonville, Ark., Walton Family Foundation

Jim Tantillo said...

thanks for this--I had forgotten it was in Novak.