Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Power vs. Goodwill

While reading Seely Houk, I was angered quite a bit, not because of his killing, but because of the blantant disregard for human beings. I have always believed that people need to treat nature responsibly and with deep respect, but humans are apart of nature and they cannot be dissolved from the equation. In Seely Houk, I was saddened to see that while trying to do good by hiring deputy game protectors, the needs of people were clearly ignored. Immigrant or not, no one was considering a better way of dealing with the Italians who were trespassing- they simply denounced them. It seems to me that this is a rather biased sketch and once again the wealthy "take all." I was also sad to see how power and wealth are much larger motivators than goodwill and love for the environment. The US society is a perfect example of this inequality, but just because it has become the status quo to seek wealth and power over moral integrity, does not mean it should remain this way. Seely Houk should have been, as deputy game protector, looking out for the interest of nature, but instead he sought the money that he would get from his arrests. He exerted his love of power over the Immigrants by using the public hatred of them as an excuse to arrest them, thus making more money. It is however, reassuring to know that not everyone found this acceptable and Houk was brought to court. It seems to me though that wealth and power are currently winning the struggle and overshadowing the good. There needs to be a major shift in the current paradigm and more emphasis needs to be placed on moral imperatives rather than green paper with faces on it.

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