Friday, February 29, 2008

Summer program

NTU are holding an International summer program from June 13-July 6, 2008. Students from the US (University of Illinois and others), Asia countries and NTU will attend this program. During the 22 days course, we will visit three National Parks (Yangmingshan, Taroko, and Yushan), NTU Experimental Forest in Chitou and Heshe, NTU Experimental Farm in Meifeng, Fu-Shan Research Station, Taiwan Forest Research Institute, Guandu Nature Park, Yeliou Geo-park, Taipei Zoo and King Car Orchid Park etc. Basically we will bring the students from the ocean to low, mid, and high elevation, where students will see why and how an island as small could be endowed with such high biodiversity. We’ll also arrange for students to visit the world famous National Palace Museum, to get hands-on experiences with the bamboo and tea culture, as well as the Chinese calligraphy and language. Students will have taste of the Taiwanese delicacies and even the chance to make some themselves! For all the courses and activities, each student only need to pay their airplane tickets and living expenses in Taiwan (US$1,500), and NTU will cover the tuition (about another US$1,500). We really think this is a great opportunity for your students to gain international experiences and learn sub-tropical biodiversity. Please let as many your students know this program as possible and please see the program web for more information. Forget to mention that if there is student really interested in this program but would like have scholarship support, we can find some Cornell Alumni form Taiwan to pay partial living expenses in Taiwan.
Would you please also forward this email to the Dean of Ag. and other professors or students who might be interested in this program?

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