Thursday, April 24, 2008

A video that made me think about Bambi and The Ecological Indian...

While reading The Ecological Indian I always wondered what it would look like to see an animal falling off the side of a cliff. Well, I found a video that really makes it clear. The video does not show any blood or guts so don't worry about that if you are squeamish to those things. It does show some cool clips of a hawk and goat fighting. When I saw the video it reminded me of our talk about Bambi. Death is a natural part of nature. Using stories and making emotional connections can make us feel as the author wants one to feel. Just because death occurs, does not automatically make that act somehow wrong. I also liked this video because the commentary is in Spanish; so for me it removed all the personification and anthropomorphism. (It's weird how commentary on nature videos can make you feel a connection to the animal.)

I encourage people to watch and maybe comment on how they felt after watching this video as compared to how they felt after Bambi's mom died.

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Sarah Schoenberg said...

That was pretty amazing to watch!