Thursday, May 8, 2008


I just wanted to say thanks for an amazing class. This has been one of the most insightful and useful classes that I've taken at Cornell during my three years here thus far. I feel like the things I've learned in this class will always stay with me and be in the back of (or forefront) of my mind as i continue to take more classes and learn new things. I can now say, that from reading Cronon, to watching Bambi, to writing my paper about a Japanese film, my views of nature are now different from what they were at the outset of the semester. Upon taking the final exam and spilling out my thoughts, it wrapped up the semester very nicely as I connected all of the major themes in the class on paper. Up until the very last word in the exam , I was still thinking, challenging myself to make connections, and learning. I know that the ideas, the concepts, the thoughts I've conjured up as a result of this class have influenced how I perceive "nature", and will continue to push me to keep thinking about nature and culture. I feel that this class has been worth every minute I spent in lecture, doing readings, and writing essays because the knowledge that I've taken from it is priceless. Thank you for helping me, teaching me, and challenging me to make these connections.

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