Monday, May 5, 2008

What happens in the UK if you don't mow your lawn

Apparently some people are more sensitive to keeping up with lawn uniformity than others. It's interesting that it happened in the UK, where supposedly mowing and keeping a lawn that flows into your neighbors doesn't happen. I guess two story high brambles that can be seen from space make an exception.

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Jess Heimler said...

since im technologically inept and cannot figure out how to create a post, i'll just do it here.

i was watching the lion king last night and the contrast to disney's bambi are astonishing. while bambi stresses that all animals are friends in the forest with common enemy man, the lion king stresses how all animals are linked together in a circle of life. within the first five minutes mufasa explains to simba that lions eat antelope because that is their role in the circle. the entire conflict of the movie centers around animals that are competitors with each other, and emphasises the predator-prey relationship. it is interesting to note that there is absolutely no reference in man in the entire film.