Wednesday, June 24, 2009

here is ape man video

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tylerhb said...

On the subject of songs:
Here is a short funny song with singing animals called the "Animals Christmas Song." They are supporting the Breathing Places Campaign.

This video was made (quoting from the person who posted this song) "to encourage the public to peel themselves off the sofa and Do One Thing For Nature this Christmas.
The Breathing Places campaign is based around the idea that if everyone changes their behavior in a small way, then they can have a big impact on their immediate environment and the wildlife in it. It is designed to inspire and motivate people to create and nurture nature-friendly green spaces in their localities; to get in touch with nature and really make a difference this winter."
It is interesting how it seems that some people are more likely to listen/relate to cute fuzzy animals then other people talking about the same subject.