Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kids raised by animals


here is a link about what we were talking about in discussion today. They are kids raised by animals BUT they are not healthy, have illness. Look at it its very intresting.


Sarah said...

A while ago I saw a documentary about feral children just like that. The children who were raised by animals (usually not for their whole lives, but for many years) crawled on all fours and didn't speak or even understand words. Specialists who tried to teach them normal human behavior usually had little success.

Would anyone consider feral childen to be animals instead of humans?
They share more in common with the animals they were raised by than with other humans.

Or would anyone argue that what makes us "human" is how we are raised?
Who knows how we would think and act (or express ourselves in any way, like without language) if society hadn't dictated the standards of human behavior to us since we were born.

Taylor said...

Also, when you look at the health of the feral children, they had symptoms of different diseases that would have eventually killed them. The average life span of many of the animals that acted as the families of the children range from 10-20 years, living longer when in captivity. Would a feral child living with an animal family have the same life span because they live in the same manner or, because of different physical features, would they live longer?

Miriam Robin said...

Really neat 5 minute video of a girl raised by dogs, asks the question: what makes us human?