Sunday, April 18, 2010

With Groucho

You never know what you're going to get...except for tears in your eyes and giggle pains in your side. Montage from Duck Soup, including hat gag and mirror clip.
Best of Groucho Things aren't always what they seem Street corner hat gag
I never was a Monty kinda gal. This, this does it for me!

Psst..Hey Aiden Ya find the darndest things while milling over term paper ideas. I've chosen the significance of the feather - from flying dino to quill pen... to star in 1994 box office hit along side Tom Hanks as a 'floater'. (Still working on the time line and details its got some kinks.) Anyhow, I came across this timeless clip from Horse Feathers. If you have 9mins this is part 1 - but at least watch this clip of Groucho singing! Good luck with your search.

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