Monday, July 5, 2010

BP oil dispersant

I came across an article about the BP oil spill. In an effort to reduce the amount of oil that surfaces for satellite pictures, BP has been spraying mass amounts of dispersant on the surface of the water. This dispersant has highly dangerous effects on not only the animal life, but also humans trying to clean up the oil spill. I find it shocking that BP continues to negatively effect the environment; you would think that after one of the worst environmental catastrophes in human history, you would make an attempt to clean up the gulf, not hurt it even more.

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Melissa Nogues said...

I also heard about this method of dealing with the oil. I found another article that goes into more detail about the effect that this is having on the environment and the tests that they are conducting with it.

I think it's pretty funny that their method of rationalizing this use of the dispersant is by saying that nothing is as bad as the already present oil.
Why is the use of these chemicals so important anyway?