Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Grizzly Man

Alright, so the Yosemite Mountain Double Rainbow video kind of triggered my memory in terms of crazy people out in the wild. In AP Environmental Science this past year, we watched a film after the AP Exam called the Grizzly Man, which is about a guy who goes out into the wild to live with and protect bears. Personally, I feel like he probably did more harm than good to the environment by being there, but I highly suggest you all go watch the movie and formulate your own opinion. These are just a few clips that are absolutely hilarious (my whole class was dying when we watched this). The first one is his attack on the National Park Service after they declared it illegal for him to camp out in the wild for certain periods of time, and the second one is of him "praying" for rain.

You guys are seriously going to thank me for this.


Jim Tantillo said...

I like Herzog's commentary toward the end of the first clip: "He's fighting civilization itself." exactly.

Allison said...

ummm, i think the bears eventually ate this guy. seriously.

Emily said...

Yeah, Allison is right, he got eaten by one of the bears he was following/interacting with and I think it's actually on film. I don't like how he (and many other people like this -- Steve Irwin for example) have to get to personal with what is wild instead of just leaving it be. Although it seems like usually nature "retaliates" in some sense... At least for those two people.

Why does he have to name the bears? Why can't he accept that they need to adapt to the situation that nature presents? It's things like drought and scarcity of food that keeps populations in check.