Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kanye's new video is about this class.

Somebody needs to do a term paper on Kanye's new video, Runaway.

Forest destruction? The border between animals and humans? Gender studies? Sex? American history? Race relations? Pop culture? This video has it all.

Here's one article that highlights some possible interpretations:

"And of course, there's the matter of the phoenix herself, which serves a dual purpose in 'Runaway.' On one hand, she plays into the larger theme of man versus nature; and, on the other, she's a very pretty metaphor for Kayne's triumphant return to the spotlight... 'I think she embraces nature and how, in a sense, we're ignoring it. And how she has fallen and we are trying to civilize her, and she can't; it's destroying her.'"

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kyeamo said...

Oddly enough, I did my own little background research (because it was not a typical rap video) and it definitely caught my attention. I would love this topic very much. It's a very interesting video :]