Thursday, May 5, 2011

Course web page now available

Hi everyone,
it's taken a month of recoding the html, but the course web page is now back up and running at . This will perhaps be most useful to you at this point for preparing for the final exam.

Lecture outlines are available at , and you can see a list of lecture topics by title and date at .

Although the lecture outlines have not been updated since 2005-07, approximately 80 to 90 percent of the lectures this year are similar to the lecture outlines you will see on the web page--although in some cases the order of lectures may be different. Some lectures from 2005 will be unfamiliar (e.g., the lectures on "The Ledge" and tragedy), but you will see outlines for lectures that we did this semester, e.g., the feral cat lecture and the Walden Pond restoration lecture.

Hope this helps with preparing for finals. Enjoy.


ps. please report dead links to me if you can, or any other problems. I think I have most of the code issues resolved, though. thanks everyone.

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