Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Annie Edson Taylor's Cat

After the lecture about Niagara Falls, I was curious as to whether or not Annie Edson Taylor brought her cat with her as she rode over Niagara Falls in a barrel. While researching the topic, I came across a news article from last year. It turns out she didn't actually bring the cat with her, but the cat was deeply involved in the journey. The article described a series of precautions Annie Edson Taylor took in preparing for her trip down the falls. It turns out she went through the trouble of having a custom barrel sized specifically for her, including straps to hold her in and a combination of pillows and mattresses to break her fall. Apparently this was still not enough assurance for her, and she felt it was necessary to test the barrel out before she used it; the test subject - her cat! If you are interested in reading the rest of the article, here is the link:


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