Thursday, July 14, 2011

Central park

One time my teacher told me an interesting fact about central park. She told me that central park is worth more just the way it is rather than people constructing buildings in it. I find it interesting how iconic central park is to people and creating more buildings would not generate a lot money as it is today. Before taking the Nature and Culture class, I have taken parks for granted and now I appreciate it more due to the fact that people such as Fredrick Law Olmsted who fought really hard to design many parks and stood up for what he believed in.


Jason Epstein said...

I agree with Jonathan's point. I did not realize that Frederick Olmsted intended for Central Park to look as if it were "naturally" created. Recently, there has been talk in New York City (I know because I live there) that the limit on driving in the park is overly restrictive. I feel that the park is more for biking, jogging and power walking than it is for driving through. While this New York Times contributor implies that Central Park restrictions ought to be loosened, as a biker, I disagree. Dodging cars takes most of the fun (if not all) out of cycling.

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Jonathan said...

Yeah, if you want to get away from the city and relax your mind, you would not want cars to honk in order to make you move. If you do not move then you will probably get hit or something which is when the stereotypical of: Car drives are very rude in New York City, becomes true.