Thursday, July 7, 2011

Chinese mining industry

This is the most gloomy industrial system in the world.
In china, Shanxi Province is the center of Chinese coal mining system, and thousands of coal mining companies, both legal and illegal, are operated there. Little children and women are hired, with crude security insurance. The landscape in Shanxi Province were more than worse, especially in 1990-2000. The air was hardly to spare near the mining cave and there were holes everywhere on the land, which usually cause some earthquakes, not disastrous but scary. Any people died everyday because of mining accident, and usually because of corruption, the number of people died or missing was not published. Here is a link for the disaster just in July, 2011. Mining people are trampled in China, really. Money is the only thing they care about.
Oh, here is a article for Centralia Pa.

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