Monday, July 4, 2011

Humans in Relation to Nature

In the recent lectures in class, there have been many different views on the distinction between Mankind and Nature. I would just like to put out my opinion, and do not mean to criticize anyone else's. I personally believe that there should not be a seperation between humans and nature in any sense. Humans are a part of nature and although they might destructive, they still follow the same characteristics that all animals feature. Humans strive to live the most comfortable lives, which includes eating the best food, and living in the most untroubled shelter. They will try to gain and maintian power, and will make great ceremonious shows of it. They might go to great lenghts to rid themselves of the extensives and various problems that present themselves. At the basic core, a young man trying to charm a lady at a party is not that different than a ladybug releasing periforomes to attract females. The only thing that creates the illusion of a speration is our intellect. We use out intellect to create enormous scales compared to other animals, and in this way we are considered malacious and foul creatures. However, few think consider that the lion does not care about the amount of zebras that exist, it goes out and kills whatever he can.

This does not mean that humans should not be reponsible for the effect they have on the envirnoment. Just as they are using their intellect to destroy it, they should also make equal or greater efforts to maintain or even limit the negative effects they have on the envirnoment. I only voice my opinion to criticize the notion that Mankind and Nature are two seperate entities, not to advocate the actions of humans.

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