Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Native American

In the video that we watched during class on July 5, 2011 of Native American going through the waters of the cities that were urbanilized, he found displeasure in what the people had done to the society. What caught to my attention was the tear that he shed because of his love of nature being turned into cities and people not taking care of it as much as they should. The tear showed a symbolism because a man should be strong and when they do cry it shows something that is really important. This implies the importance of nature to him and many others who feel the same way about the harm of nature in order to make cities.

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Yangyang Huang said...

I think "media" is a effective way to interpret the importance of living in nature.It emphasizes the real sentiments from people's mind,why we should live with nature harmoniously.there is a distinct contrast,modern transportation vs canoe,forest vs prosperous city,lucid stream vs busy street.human beings can't stop their progressive footstep that towards to the modern and technological world,one remarkable point,as the world is progressing,nature sacrifices itself,it's suffer tremendous,destroy natural resources to complete a progressive world,is lose both a sense of oneness with natural world and a green living can wake up some people who is going to be a light sleeper.don't weep tears until see nature burn down.the awakening of the "crying" should bring deep introspection to everyone who as a member of the natural world.