Friday, February 10, 2012

Robin Hood

The original movie trailer for the 1938 Errol Flynn version of Robin Hood--the standard by which all other Robin Hood movies are judged!

featuring a cast of thousands


Juliana said...

I found this trailer quite amusing. Clearly it is over exemplifying romanticism to appeal to the audience. I was then curious to see if Bambi played into this as well. Below is the original Bambi trailer:
After watching this trailer it played into the theme of romanticism as well. This is obviously a successful tactic to use for audiences. However, I was disappointed, because what I thought was the main theme of the film, environmentalism, wasn’t addressed in the trailer. The trailer focused on the definition of “love” for each of the main characters. Which is an underlying theme of the movie but I thought the trailer should have focused more on the topics of the conservation of the environment and man vs. nature.

Emmitt Terrell said...

I found this trailer to be an enlightening glimpse into the past. Movies these days do not appear to have quite the same amount of theatrical charm that they did when movies such as "Robin Hood" were released. Classic actors such as Errol Flynn brought a certain character to the big screen back when production standards were far lower in the terms of the special effects that cinema had at its disposal. More relied on the characters to bring power to the plot line rather than the creations of modern special effects *see James Cameron's Avatar*. Though I haven't seen the movie myself it is evident why it is the "standard" by which all others following in its footsteps are judged.