Thursday, July 5, 2012

Toile wallpaper

In class we were speaking about pastoral landscapes and how they were painted by the hudson river school. As we were doing this I remembered that I had seen this type of illustration before, in wallpaper out of all places. the wallpaper that I have seen this idea on is called toile. toile is "Toile de Jouy, sometimes abbreviated to simply "toile", is a type of decorating pattern consisting of a usually white or off-white background on which a repeated pattern depicting a fairly complex scene, generally of a pastoral theme such as a couple having a picnic by a lake or an arrangement of flowers" (wikipedia) this type of paper was very popular during the year 2000 to use in the house, but it was also a fad in the 1970's where people wore it on shirts. here is the url to museum site if anyone is interested "">

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