Tuesday, February 12, 2013


So after watching Bambi tonight I realized a few things. It is quite obvious that the main animals in the movie are quite humanistic, we realize this as children. They have the most adorable expressions, they leap, play, and love the same way that we do. They even cry, because Bambi just has to be depressing. The hunting dogs in the movie though are not the same. They are drawn in a completely different style. While real deer were studied to make sure that everything was realistic in terms of their movements, the dogs are quite cartoonish. The message here is that this is an us vs. them situation. The dogs are siding with the enemy (which in this case is the humans) and the adorable deer are like us, we have to care about them because the hunters are doing wrong by them. They are coming in and destroying families and these dogs have turned their back on their own kind by becoming domesticated and siding with the people who destroy nature. I thought it was a cool random idea thrown into the movie.

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