Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Peace on Earth

I don't know if every one picked up on it, but in the one Bambi reading the writer mentioned that MGM released a video about the same time as Bambi called Peace on Earth. Well apparently you can watch it online, the website is:


Just to warn you it is a little on the creepy side. I would also like to point out the interesting fact that at the end of the movie the grandfather squirrel never quite gets around to finishing the song, skipping only the "to men" in “good will to men” part. This seems like an obvious device to show the futility, and needlessness of blessing men.

Also, I was a little surprised at how grim the scene is with the last two men on earth killing each other, especially when you consider how offended people were when there was a dead hunter in Bambi. I also can't get past the fact that the last two people on earth were men. Does this insinuate that all the women and children had been killed by the war, because during WWI and WWII there were not really many women on the battlefield?

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Jim Tantillo said...

this is awesome, by the way. :-) sorry I didn't mention that sooner.

I've never seen this cartoon, pretty amazing stuff.