Monday, July 6, 2009

Conquering Niagara Falls

I was looking at a website which focused on some of the people that tried to get over Niagara Falls. I thought that these stories were the most interesting. Bobby Leach made it over the Niagara Falls in a steel barrel, but died while touring because he slipped on an orange peel. Jean Lussier survived the trip over the Falls in a rubber ball. Robert Overtracker went over the Falls in a jet ski to promote awareness for the homeless (?), planning to survive with a parachute. However, his parachute did not open and his body was never found. Kirk Jones was able to survive the fall without any protection, but ended up being fined over $2,000 and banned from ever entering Canada. Here's the website; it has a perfectly timed picture of the guy going over the falls in a jet ski.

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