Friday, July 3, 2009

Dr. Seuss Book

Hey everyone, today I was in a book store and randomly I started reading a Dr. Seuss book called Horton hatches an egg and half way through the book it shows characteristics about humans interfering with the animals and hunters take Horton the elephant from his natural habitat and they exploit him and make him endure a terrible sea voyage. The hunters sell him to a circus and Horton has to go through horrific events all because of the hunters thought they could do whatever they want to innocent animals haha. I just thought that was really interesting and I think people should find it. Read it and just experience that weirdness!


Max S. said...
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Max S. said...

Another relevant Dr. Seuss book is titled "The Lorax". A good read for a wide range of ages, the book deals with environmental destruction and the depletion of resources.