Thursday, February 25, 2010

A book I highly recommend:

I encourage anyone interested in reading "On a Clear Day You Can See General Motors" by John Z. DeLorean. And YES for all you Marty Mcfly lovers...he's was the owner of the company that produced the beloved 'fly-winged time machine'!!

The book chronicles his rise-to-the-top through Pontiac and Chrysler, but the internal struggle of ethics he had. Being paid millions didn't set well with him because it meant disregarding the customer base and allowing 'dinosaur' business execs to make all the decisions from a round table, on a top floor of a high rise.

He's an inspiration to me because in the face of big biz, he stood up for the little guy and didn't back down, ultimately sacrificing for those who deserved the loudest voices but couldn't being heard. The transformations throughout the auto industry have always been in favor of the CEO's and investors, not to mention the oil industries so comfortably hammocked in their pockets.
So here's a series of books by him- Clear Day is 5th down:

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