Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Go Green, Buy a Vehicle!

The idea of going "Green", and buying an Audi A3 TDI clean deisel is crazy. Whats next, the nuclear powerd hocky mom mobile? The link below explains some of the contraversy brought about by the add campain that Audi produced this year for the superbowl. After making this comercial they went about making a series of "public service" announcements that not only pissed off Treehugger but also the American Chemistry Council's plastics division. according to USA TODAY the ads both poked fun at Environmentalists and missrepresented the amazingness of plastic. What a shame for plastics sake. This tradition of reenventing the wheel is just sickening. Has anyone ever seen the movie "Who Killed the Electic Car?", it's about the murder of the electric car to make way for the Hummer. -Peace

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Jim Tantillo said...

Dean, thanks, that's the ad I was thinking of. Very clever. The comments on the article at the link you posted are also great fun to read. thanks for posting this.

p.s. I may embed the video here separately in another blog posting.