Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Here I post some part of the lyrics of a song which I believe have to do a lot with the relationship of humans with nature:

"For thousands of years, humans have been enjoying the greatest gift the gods gave no living thing ever: the breeze, the wind, Brother Sun and Sister Moon, fields and meadows where to see our children grow, sunrises bathed with the perfume of flowers in spring sneezing, sunsets, still decorated with dreams to achieve and, oddly enough, intelligence. But the white man disdained the treasure, and as life was smiling, he answered him kicking the destination.
If someone reads this letter, remember that the end of this civilization was due to selfishness, greed and ignorance of the human race. The men are not mammals, humans did not become a predator, the human race are just a virus, we kill, we grow and multiply.
So we extinguish, so the water swallowed our civilization: the true Atlantis we were. And so I leave this note written for intelligent life forms to come.
When men spit on the floor ...
... They spit upon themselves. "

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