Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Marielle Ravosa---Anti-Pollution Advertisements

Much like the commercial we saw today in class, the following images are highly effective advertisements against pollution. Each image qualified for the "11 Most Powerful Environmental Messages" poster competition sponsored by "goodhousekeeping.com".

----Marielle Ravosa


Loretta said...

Looking through the pictures, I think of how the animals portrayed here are ones that many people are more inclined to 'save' from extinction. Most of these animals either inspire a type of awe in us (like the polar bear and sea turtle) or is a symbol of 'nature' throughout history (deer). It influences many of us what type of animals we should save and also what type of animal we deem should be saved. If the animal is not as 'cute' or 'cuddly', it doesn't have a chance of being used as a message to save earth. For example, look up the aye-aye.

Also, I think it is really interesting how the deer in the last picture is made of trash. It reminds me of robots or some kind of technology because we often have movies or steampunk art depicting animals as some kind of hybrid of animal and technology and it's interesting how this type of art developed and to see how this type of art reflects what people value today in 'nature'.

Ihna Mangundayao said...

Just wanted to add my favorite ad: